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How To Get Started on Your Mental Health Journey

By Coalition Coordinator, Erendira Zazueta

March 28, 2024

We all at some point in our lives experience a feeling of either panic, impulsiveness, paranoia, sadness, or even delusion. While it is normal in some situations to have these feelings it is important to address these feelings if they persist for a long time for a long number of days. There could be some dysregulations in your brain or body or even some trauma you haven’t worked through that you experienced as a child that is suddenly affecting your mood and relationships with people. So, once you’ve addressed that you in fact do have a mental health problem what comes next? Well, it depends on what you’re experiencing. Some minor issues could sometimes be fixed with a holistic approach and supplements, but other issues do require medication and intense inpatient treatment. It is ok if you need either of the options but if you leave these issues untreated it can harm you even more in the future.

So, what’s the first step? Research! Not everyone is the same, so you must find multiple options that interest you and try one, and if that one doesn’t work, you’ll already have a backup. If you are ever in a crisis mode and have no idea what to do and need help immediately you can always call or text 988. Text them that you are in a mental health crisis and a crisis counselor will listen to you, help de-escalate the situation, then provide you with resources near you that could help you on your mental health journey. The service is also available in Spanish as well, if you need someone in Spanish just tell them Spanish on the phone or text “ayuda” to 988 and someone will answer you in Spanish. If you have the time and want to find a good fit for you, you can just use the internet to search for some treatments available, facilities near you, or anything that might help you out.

There are many facilities and treatment options around the state of Arizona and many more around the United States so for now we will highlight just a few places you can go to if you need local mental health help. The common type of help people usually looks for when they have any kind of mental health issues is a therapist. In these times of technology, a lot of therapists only offer telehealth services which means you talk to a therapist through a video or phone call. While that works for some people, others prefer to talk to a therapist in person. Life In Motion Therapy offers both in-person and telehealth therapy sessions. They accept insurance and can also work with you if you have no insurance. They offer a free 10-minute consultation by phone and ar located near Camelback Road and 24th street. You can check out their website for more information.

Another facility is Alevea Mental Health. They are an integrated health center so aside from just mental health services they also have primary care services. They provide medication management, routine labs, genetic testing, ketamine therapy, ADHD testing, and counseling. These are all outpatient services and they will have a customized plan for you since mental health is not a one-fits-all process. They also offer telehealth services for those who want to just speak through a videocall or phone call. They also accept most insurances and out-of-pocket pay. There are currently two locations in Tempe but they will be opening an uptown office soon. Check out their website for more information.

The last location to highlight is an inpatient center. It is Copper Springs, which is an integrated health service as well where they also help with substance use treatments. They do have walk-ins available, and you can get your assessment done there, by phone or even through video call. They will create a plan specific to you where you can work with a psychiatrist, be in group therapy, family education programs, or any other holistic therapies as well. There is a location in Gilbert and another in Avondale. They have a big location where you have access to a common area, a semi-private room, a fitness center, and 3 hot meals a day. They accept most insurances and can also do out-of-pocket pay. For more information visit their website for more information.

There are many treatment facilities around the valley to help treat any mental health concerns, but some people might prefer a more holistic approach. When it comes to a holistic approach you must make sure to talk to your doctor or a mental health professional to see if that will be appropriate for your case. These holistic practices are a great way to boost your mental health while also receiving professional treatment. Just doing the holistic practice on its own may not be as effective as combining it with professional work. A good way to start is with the mind and body by practicing yoga, exercise, meditation, and tai chi. They are all great ways to improve your mood, anxiety, and other symptoms of mental illness. Those practices can also help reduce weight gain, fatigue, and even mental clarity. You can also take Omega-3 Fatty Acids which is found in fish. In some cases, some young people who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis can take omega-3 to decrease their risk of developing a more serious form of schizophrenia. Folate vitamin is folic acid, another supplement which in some cases, people with mental illnesses are low in it. Taking some folic acid along with your mental health professional treatment can in some users help treat some forms of depression and schizophrenia. One holistic form of therapy is Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). This is an animal-assisted therapy that teaches individuals how to groom, care for and ride horses. The experience helps improve emotional and behavioral outcomes while also reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and impulsiveness. Remember to talk to you doctor or a mental health behavior professional before deciding what treatment would work best as a complementary to your professional mental health journey.

If you ever feel like you are stuck in a dark place and can get no help just know there are plenty of options for you to try to better yourself! If you think you can’t do something you’re interested in due to financial troubles or insurance don’t hesitate to ask about something you can work out with the company or giving another option a chance! Find some options for yourself and give them all a try, you might just feel a lot better if you do.

Thank you for checking out this week’s blog! Come check back in next week and Bee Safe 😊 


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